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Monday, February 22, 2010

frogs and bees! just waiting for SPRING!!

whew! been a while -- no time ... or no internet ... or traveling! been TRYING to be creative -- but, i did manage to get 2 NEW patterns done -- well, almost done -- i'm have a techie issue with line drawings -- but, it WILL be solved tonight! i didn't realize i had the issue until i listed them on etsy -- and decided to print out CROAKER, for some reason -- and the line drawings were itty bitty =0( sooo -- i think the upgrades for windows were incompatible with my pdf ... seems like it's always something! DEFINITELY encourage all your kids to take computer courses in school -- it'll save them from getting gray hair before their time -- and maybe save YOU, too! anyway -- i LOVE croaker and buzz -- my latest and greatest pattern for light bulbs! patrick o'blarney is new, too -- a sweet little leprechaun! i COLLECT frogs -- so, of course, i'm really into croaker ... and despite that i was tempted to put flaming green hair on the frog -- it was just so NOT frog-like! make sure you check them out on etsy -- the croaker "model" or "sample" is already sold -- only the patterns left -- but, i'm going to make a croaker for me -- so, maybe i'll make more for etsy! the sight of croaker alone will surely make you SMILE!!

lisa =0)

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