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married and kids; i'm a HAPPY designer and painter! i'm a native texan, which explains alot! i'm inspired by my kids and all the great e-friends that i have!

Monday, February 22, 2010

frogs and bees! just waiting for SPRING!!

whew! been a while -- no time ... or no internet ... or traveling! been TRYING to be creative -- but, i did manage to get 2 NEW patterns done -- well, almost done -- i'm have a techie issue with line drawings -- but, it WILL be solved tonight! i didn't realize i had the issue until i listed them on etsy -- and decided to print out CROAKER, for some reason -- and the line drawings were itty bitty =0( sooo -- i think the upgrades for windows were incompatible with my pdf ... seems like it's always something! DEFINITELY encourage all your kids to take computer courses in school -- it'll save them from getting gray hair before their time -- and maybe save YOU, too! anyway -- i LOVE croaker and buzz -- my latest and greatest pattern for light bulbs! patrick o'blarney is new, too -- a sweet little leprechaun! i COLLECT frogs -- so, of course, i'm really into croaker ... and despite that i was tempted to put flaming green hair on the frog -- it was just so NOT frog-like! make sure you check them out on etsy -- the croaker "model" or "sample" is already sold -- only the patterns left -- but, i'm going to make a croaker for me -- so, maybe i'll make more for etsy! the sight of croaker alone will surely make you SMILE!!

lisa =0)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Despite the fact that i'm sleeping 16-20 hours every day -- my mind is just not shutting off! it's clearly time for a trip to iowa and a long over due blood transfusion - i can barely stay awake -- and when i get up -- i'm so tired ... but, anyway --
i'm introducing you to SHINE! he's my latest -- and greatest GOURD! i think he's AWESOME -- and i'm hoping y'all will like him, too! He's a OOAK -- like all of my gourds but, he's got more than his share of creative genius -- even if i say so myself! i KNOW that you won't find one even similar -- well, i take that back -- i have a HUGE following of copy cats -- yes, you do detect a bit of hostility -- but, i'm good with it! But, anyway, he's very uniquely MINE! SHINE is what happens when a BLONDE TEXAN brain stops for a moment and takes a breath! i was talking to jim about my DILEMMA of running out of my usual size gourds, i was in panic mode, of course -- and him calming me down to ask what i had been working on -- and me taking a breath -- then suddenly, in mid-sentence, i jumped up and i said, i know what i'm going to do ... i had been having SERIOUS trouble painting hats green -- don't ask me why -- to the point i was nearly in tears -- and it hit me -- it takes me awhile -- being blonde, and all --
so, anyway -- don't forget to check him out -- oh -- sorry, i don't have my ebay link up yet -- my id is theprimchick -- or you can search for hp gourds -- mine are always there!
our snow is melting -- and it's looking dismal outside again -- and having lots of rest -- i've got a TON of really cool gourds coming up -- i bet i'll amaze even YOU!
have a super week -- you never know what you'll find at the end of YOUR rainbow!!
lisa =0)

Friday, January 22, 2010

NO sun -- NO good NEWS!

another dreary day in the bootheel of missouri - i'm not
complaining - much! it's all rainy again and it's beginning to look like a swamp! i put boone on his lead the other day -- and he went and laid down -- in the mud -- and then he just looked at me like, "what the heck?" but, he needs to get SOME fresh air! he's got a cozy kennel outside, too -- he's a pampered pup for sure! our "lawn" is sooo dead -- but, we have CLAY and it seems like only crab grass stays green around here! must account for everybody being CRABBY!

back from the dentist -- my tooth can't be saved -- couldn't even do a root canal -- and according to the dentist, the injury was just the tip of the ice berg -- the root on that tooth is very short, due to an impacted cuspid i had as a teen -- sooo -- i have to have it surgically removed and an implant done. i'm hoping that it's relatively painless -- whatever!

but, i have way too much to do to get bogged down with that! i listed AGAIN last night on ebay -- and i'll be putting some more on tonight -- ! whew! told you i'd been busy!! i've got a windchime going up -- a bee that HANGS up -- a turtle -- and some roly-poly lady bugs! you'll have to check them out! the turtles i did last year, and i had him on etsy, but, with all my traveling, i kept taking him down -- so now, he'll go on ebay! poor thing! Hope you have a chance to check out all the goodies -- the smiles await you!!
have a super day -- and i hope it's SUNNY where you are!
lisa (\ /)

Thursday, January 21, 2010


today promises to be very busy! i have to go to jonesboro, arkansas to get something done to my tooth ... all in an effort to save it! as i said yesterday, my 80 pound german shepherd jumped up on me about 2 years ago -- and "bumped" it -- and i guess all this time, it has been abscessing ... or trying to -- every 6 months or so when i have my teeth cleaned, the abscess had been teeny -- and getting smaller -- but, yesterday, it was much bigger! sooo -- i don't even care what they do -- if they can save the tooth! it's not one of my front carrot munchers -- but, one next to it! =0(

but, jim will fix it all for me! i hope everybody has someone as wonderful as i do! he's very supportive of me and my gourds -- even when he doesn't "see-it" -- as i try to explain what my newest creation will look like ... and sometimes even after it's finished! i get frustrated, trying to explain "it" because i'm looking at "it" and i see "it" -- and then i remember some of my painting students from years ago -- and they never had artistic vision, either -- if they had a pattern they could paint it -- BEAUTIFULLY but, to stray into ANY changes -- was not in the cards for them! they'd get so confused ... and frustrated ... and i guess it's the same thing!
jim travels a lot and is gone so much that i guess i had forgotten how nice it is to have him around ... and NOW, after years, he doesn't ask many questions about my gourds ... like, WHAT is THAT? now, it's a standard line ... That's great, honey! it's really cute! ... he keeps it pretty generic ... no exacting comments about what it really is ... if i want to burst MY bubble, i'll respond with ... really? does you think it looks like a blah blah blah? and then i get just what i asked for! LOL!! when i showed him my ladybug he said -- awww that's such a cute bee! i looked at him -- looked around the room for the twilight zone FOG -- and i said -- ladybug. he says, whatever ... BUT, whether he knows what it is or not, he's always supportive -- and positive ... and accepting! and even if my ladybug looked like tyranosaurus REX, he'd never say that -- he'd just smile and try to stay within the boundaries of "not-hurting-wife" and ask me if he was in costume or something!!
it's really important to have this positive stroke in your life -- even if you don't think so -- YOU DO NEED IT!! doesn't have to be a husband -- just someone that appreciates YOU!
have a super POSITIVE day --
lisa =0)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

just a LITTLE accomplished!

it's a GREAT morning -- lots of good things today -- one of which is NOT that i'm going to the dentist this morning -- boone jumped up on me and knocked one of my front teeth loose -- i'm hoping SOMETHING can be done -- but, other than that -- i'm feelin' pretty good! got my computer issues wrapped -- so, hopefully going forward it'll all be smooth sailin'! i figured out WHY my listings didn't start friday night ... just a clue -- it ALWAYS helps to know what DAY or DATE ... and if you put in a date or time that has already PASSED ... you still have to pay the fees -- but, your things don't list ... =0( but, got that all worked out ... probably the BEST thing today is it's our baby son's birthday! he's 1-2-3 ... 9-10...ummm -- NINETEEN! had to kick my shoes off! lol!! that would be Cody! the FIRST birthday that i won't be with him ... =0( there is really bad ice storms in council bluffs, iowa -- and who knows what before i get there! =0( but, i'll celebrate by finishing up HIS light bulb pattern today -- it's called TOUCHDOWN -- yes, it's a football player! he probably won't be showing up til the weekend -- BUT -- 2 of my newest will be on etsy by tonight ... ECLIPSE -- a polar bear ... and FARM FRESH - a sweet cow! and by monday -- GRANDMA, GRANDPA, and the BABIES then CUPID, and PATRICK O'BLARNEY -- oh and let's NOT forget ACORN - the squirrel! i've got jim on PICTURE duty -- not of my painted things ... scared ya, didn't i? no? then you don't know jim! LOL!! but, he can take pics of the supplies and NEW things i'm adding!
i saved this little "high" note for last -- I MADE POWER SELLER ON EBAY!! i'm not sure what all that means -- but, considering i only list a few things each week -- i'm not a massive store -- i'm really happy --- and i feel accomplished! even though it's really no biggie -- it's kind of a measure for ME -- *SMILE*
be sure to check out theprimchick listings tonight -- they'll start between 6:30 pm CST and 7 pm CST. there will be lots of SMILES there! lol!!
have a super duper day ... and don't forget to smile LOTS today!
lisa =0)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

working HARD!

it's another blessed day in the 'hood -- kinda dreary -- but a great day to work inside! i've been working on pattern line drawings since about 5 am ... got most of them done -- now if i can just get the scanner to quit resizing them! i don't know what i pushed ... =0( it's HELL to be so technically challenged!! then i have to make any adjustments to the finished pieces so that everything matches! another solid day's work! i've got listings ready to go for friday night ... a ladybug and a frog -- just need to take the pics ... and upload them -- sometimes the most challenging part! our internet is still sketchy -- but, we don't really have any choices ... =0(
now down to the office -- to scan away! hopefully by resetting the machine -- it will go back to normal ... =0) i've also got to think of something for supper ... it's going to be different with JIM home more -- !! gotta redo my "schedule" ... and plan more than "weekend" meals! lol!! I'M SO READY FOR SPRING!!!
lisa (\ /)
(. .)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

wednesday is HUMP day --

it's a whopping 18 degrees here this morning -- and me without my swimsuit! lol!! i've got listings starting tonight on ebay ... woo! hoo! and i've collected ANOTHER copier! geesh! i can't believe that there isn't enough NEW stuff to paint up or paint on that people have to copy! i've contacted her, so we'll see if she does the right thing ... i sell patterns for light bulbs -- and am slowly but, surely adding gourd patterns. i don't care if the patterns are used to sell finished product, but, design credits must be given ... just a teensy thing! ok -- done ranting! jim is home now -- for at least the rest of the week ... and he's like a NEW man! i guess from a day to day basis, i hadn't seen how much the drive back and forth to nebraska was crushing him ... i knew it was long -- and hard (no interstate except the last 100 miles) -- but, he's had such a lift -- it's like he dropped 25 years! i guess the pressures of trying to pull a cable system OUT of the MUD -- and make it something the customers wanted (and needed in rural nebraska) was not on the agenda of the new owners. and jim just treaded quick sand. afterall, it wasn't a business loss to us -- why should we care ... because jim does. he's really anal (not like me) and has to finish what he starts (again, NOT LIKE ME!) -- but, sadly for the residents of those rural nebraska and kansas communitites -- he threw it in! probably due to self preservation ... but, in none the less. i'm happy -- i think he's still wrestling with it! so, if you ever have the pleasure (not) of living in an area that offers GALAXY cable or other services -- move somewhere else! lol!!

ok -- time for a joe refill -- let boone out -- go find me some industrial sinus medicine -- and get back to painting! have a super day -- and don't forget to check out my listings tonight!!

lisa =0)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


it's tuesday and it's so nice here in missouri! jim will be home tonight -- so, guess i'll have a REAL supper tonight! his days of trekking to nebraska are DONE! woo! hoo! of course, we'll still be driving up to iowa for our kids -- but, that's soooo different!! doesn't mean that i'll have my husband home any more than i do now -- but, it'll be a NEW adventure! lol!!
i've got my gourd listings all ready to go for tomorrow -- "LOVESTRUCK" is pic'd just above ... so whether internet is up or down, the new WEDNESDAY listings will go on! yeahhhhh!! i think that you'll like them! i'm working on more quirks on my etsy projects -- guess you could say that i'm quirky! i've also got to do some research on scanning in stuff for digital download and printing -- anyone know the tricks??-- if not, i'll do it the LONG way -- *sigh* the story of my life!
well, gotta scoot -- going to work on BLOG gadgets thursday. it's on my LIST!

Monday, January 11, 2010

it's MONDAY already!

it's MONDAY already -- and we started the week the same way it ended -- with NO INTERNET! it went down around 4 am this morning -- and back up about 10 minutes ago. *sigh* gives me more time to paint and to get farther and farther behind on everything else!
it's STILL cold here -- and the scant amount of snow makes it ugly and dead -- boone is very content to lay on his cushion and look out the patio doors ... he twitches every now and then when a bird gets too close! lol!!
well, down to the paint table -- got a couple of kinks to work out -- and i'm going to get my listings scheduled on the ebay que -- just in case our net goes down again ... =0(
lisa =0)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday -- Already ... =0(

Good Sunday Morning! i can't believe the weekend has just FLOWN by! our internet went down friday morning -- and we got it back LATE saturday afternoon ... =0( no reason -- no storm or anything -- just the day to day joy of living in a rural area -- ! lol! so, needless to say, NO listings on friday ... but, i'm not going to RANT much! lol! cody is off to california -- he says he's going on "vacation" ... he'll be back tuesday night! he SAYS he wants a break from the snow, but, he thinks mom has "blonde" issues evidently -- cuz the big storm is set to hit iowa wednesday, i think! but, everybody needs some time away from WINTER! if only for 48 hours to soak up some golden rays!! one of my dearest friends lives in san diego -- we've been friends since 1977! cody will be visiting him -- and having lunch. i'm so happy for them both! cody is such a JOY and a TRUE inspiration to have around -- don't get me wrong -- he's MALE -- soooo, he has his moments of being a pain -- but, i find that i LOVE his inspiration! so, when i paint a gourd -- that has that ORNERY look, with just a HINT of a gentle soul and a contageous ear to ear grin ... i was thinking about CODY!
well, lots of e-stuff to catch up on -- plus getting jim packed up and ready to go -- i'll be traveling early next week -- up to the polar ice caps of IOWA -- cody's birthday is the 20th -- he'll be 19 -- and he'll be back from his visit to the land of Arnold Schwartzenegger -- nice and tan ... and just waiting for him momma to sing him happy birthday -- one more time! -- NOT! lol!!
take care - have a beautiful sunday -- and i'll see you on Monday!!
lisa =0)

Friday, January 8, 2010

it's FRIDAY!

i LOVE friday's! i get to start winding down for the weekend -- and start anticipating my husband coming home! we've got a busy weekend -- with nfl football playoffs -- jim is a minnesota vikings fan ... i guess that comes from growing up in duluth, minnesota -- and, sadly, i'm a broncos fan, but, as they have NO quarterback, they are no longer a contender ... =0( so, i make snacks and we enjoy our time together!! and after the disappointing bcs game last night, with my beloved HORNS losing to alabama -- but, i have to admit -- i switched it off after colt mccoy left the game, and they announced he was being replaced by a TRUE FRESHMAN ... i knew ... as did the other fans ... that it was all over but the crying ... It was sad to see an awesome quarterback get taken out on the first series of the game ... not a "high" note to enter the nfl draft ... but, his record should carry him far! maybe to the broncos!! woo! hoo!
i've got to really get my fanny in gear today ... i have to so much to do ... i have to bake a chicken (i'm making gumbo for the game tomorrow) -- and get all the veggies chopped up ... and i have to take pics so i can LIST on theprimchick tonight ... i've got some REAL honeys done!! i'm finishing up my BABY light bulb patterns -- i've got a couple of variations -- one is using a VANITY bulb!! sooooo cute! and by the end of january, i'll have at least 10 new patterns to list on etsy! being cold outside is so inspiring!! lol!!
if you're chilled -- try this gumbo! you really can add what you like -- or you can leave out stuff you don't! living in the south, we can buy okra chopped in 1" pieces FROZEN -- or fresh -- all year! but, i know people that don't add okra or shrimp ...

1 cup vegetable oil
1 cup all-purpose flour
1 large onion, chopped
1 large green bell pepper, chopped
2 celery stalks, chopped

1-2 pounds raw shrimp, deveined, tail shells on (no legs!)
1 pound andouille or smoked sausage, sliced 1/4 inch thick, browned and drained
4 cloves garlic, minced
salt and pepper to taste
Creole seasoning to taste
6 cups chicken broth
1 bay leaf
1 whole chicken, boned and shredded
Heat the oil in a Dutch oven over medium heat. When hot, whisk in flour. Continue whisking until the roux has cooked to the color of chocolate pudding, 8 to 12 minutes. Be careful not to burn the roux. If you see black specks in the mixture, start over.
In another pan, add a splash of vegetable oil and cook onion, bell pepper, celery, and okra about 10 minutes -- til nearly done. Add shrimp and cook til shrimp are almost done. Stir onion, bell pepper, celery, okra, shrimp and sausage into the roux; cook 5 minutes. Stir in the garlic and cook another 5 minutes. Season with salt, pepper, and Creole seasoning; blend thoroughly. Pour in the chicken broth and add the bay leaf. Bring to a boil over high heat, then reduce heat to medium-low, simmer, uncovered, for 1 hour, stirring occasionally. Stir in the chicken, and simmer 1 hour more. Skim off any foam that floats to the top before serving. Serve over cooked white rice.

well, got light bulbs calling me -- and my camera is waiting! check back tomorrow -- i'm going to post my HEALTHY recipe for sweet tater brownies! YUM! no chocolate ... but lots of beta carotine and vitamin A -- YOU WILL LOVE THEM!!
lisa =0)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

who said anything about SNOW?

wow! woke up to about 1" of powdery snow! not enough to be beautiful -- or to use the word "blanketed" -- just enough to say, "yeah -- ok -- i KNOW winter is here!" but, peek-a-boo, i still see the wild thistles peeking out with little sparrows clustered on top picking away at the seeds!! boone and i swept all the snow off the drive way and sidewalk -- and then came inside to have COFFEE!! he settled for his turkey hip/joint treat and his heart worm chewy tab! he loves to frolick in the snow -- kind of like a giant snow fairy! lol!! jim will probably be home very late tonight -- nebraska is getting slammed again -- and he'd rather eat out of a trash can (he's got a thing about trash) than to get "stuck" there!

i went to walmart last night for a few groceries -- i hadn't been since we returned from iowa. i walked in and i thought that the store was closing! nearly every shelf was EMPTY! i asked the guy that was stocking meat what the heck, and he told me that we were under a SNOW THREAT!! ooooo --- aaaaaaah --- i asked him how much we were supposed to get and he said MAYBE up to 4"!!! i looked at him, and probably sounded pretty RUDE, and i said, SERIOUSLY!!?? i looked around the store, which was PACKED and i just shook my head! one guy had FIVE electric heaters in his 2 carts! how warm will HE be when the power goes out? people were buying can goods by the cartfull -- and there wasn't even a SLICE of bread in the store! i realized when looking at these folks that they were very stressed, probably remembering the ice storm that immobilized us last year. and i kept thinking what if they lived somewhere like IOWA or NEBRASKA -- ? could they survive? we live rurally -- 8 miles outside of town in a professional development -- but the little town that we live close to has a pop of 16000 people. we are in the most impoverished county in missouri -- and trust me when i tell you larry the cable guy or the redneck comedy tour has NOTHING on these people -- except cash-flow! then, being so philisophical, i wondered if the IOWEGIANS and NEBRASKANS could survive down HERE! we were without electricity last year for nearly 2 weeks! our home is TOTALLY electric -- so, no lights, no heat -- no water (we have a well and septic system) -- no indoor cooking! and did i mention NO ROAD CARE to salt, sand or clear away the snow?? we had trees that had snapped laying all around -- jim came down to missouri to rescue me -- and we left the next day. i felt bad, as he was so worried -- and he reacted just like the people here did last night -- he bought TONS of batteries in nebraska -- as there was none on the shelves here -- he bought all kinds of kerosene lamps, lanterns, flashlights, and a kerosene heater! he bought HUGE jugs of water -- not knowing what he'd find here ... and i guess what it all boils down to are that people are people! everybody copes in a different way, but with nearly the same end result. mr. freeze and his ice storm last year didn't care what income bracket any one was in -- he just iced the whole area.

well, i listed on theprimchick last night on ebay -- (hopefully, i'll get the auction links installed here soon) but, until then, he's come to open today's blog -- and, eventhough i tried to paint cupids -- he turned out to be a snowy! but, he's got a valentine! check him out -- his name is SNOWBERT! and his little heart is sure to MELT yours!

i want to wish my TRAVELING friends a safe and happy family trip to florida (((hugs))) christine; and i also want to wish one of my DEAR e-friends the deepest heartfelt congratulations on her recent marriage to her special fella (((hugs))) linda and dave!!!

well, time to get back to the paint table -- i hear lots of "chaos" in there this morning -- now just to figure out whose calling to me the LOUDEST!!

have a blessed thursday -- and the best thing about thursday -- is the day after -- !

lisa =0)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

another glorious day in the neighborhood! too bad mr. rogers isn't here ... he'd need more than a summer-weight red cardigan sweater! Winter has arrived in missouri! we live in the mark twain national forest, and our home is on 7 wooded acres. there are some pole pines, but for the most part, our colorful array of hickory, oak, maple, birch, russian olive, pecan, black walnut, locust have all lost their freshness of spring and their radiant glory of fall. most of the leaves have fallen -- and with winter, the look of desolation and death! but, to remind me that there is life, we have oodles of deer feeding on the fallen nuts (acorns are their favorite)! there are a variety of birds -- mostly eastern blue birds -- and i think they hang around to torment Boone! we had 2 nests of wild turkeys this year -- a very mean and viscious bird -- Boone got spurred by a male last year -- and we have several other forest dwelling birds -- including CROWS and hawks! i've always painted a lot of crows -- and i know people collect crow things, for a "primitive" touch -- but PRIMAL may be a better description! they are a HUGE scavenger type bird -- and they look very cunning and very aware! it's easy to see why they became the focal point of so many authors and bird watchers!
it's another PAINTING day! woo! hoo! got a ton of things started -- and now they are awaiting their pre-destined personality! it's very therepeutic to paint -- and if you're like me -- a very strong discipline! when i conceive a design, i have to create it one stage at a time. if i rush to finish the "face", sometimes the other details never get finished, and it gets heaped in a box of "i'll get to it later" stuff! it's the other details that develop the personality -- and the face unleashes it to people that see it! anyway, i've got gourds calling me -- and light bulbs, not to mention so many other things! time for another cup of joe and off to the paint table, mainly to see if any elves came to finish anything in the night -- if they haven't -- well, i know this ending all too well -- pick up my brushes and get at it!!
BTW -- i receive the mayoclinic health letter. it had an indepth article about eating avocados ... which i'm not a fan. BUT -- tests that they have done for about 25 years have had amazing results. it not only helps with blood-insulin levels, but also reverses the affects of coronary artery disease and other heart conditions, including lowering ldl cholesterol levels!!! as women, it's a good fruit to get close to since more women die of heart attacks than anything else! it suggests 2-3 avocados a week! and i bought a bag yesterday ... so, i guess that i'll either start liking them -- or throw them in my blender and have a fruit smoothie with a green tinge!
have a super hump-day ... and remember -- with EVERY today, comes the hope of a brighter tomorrow!!
lisa =0)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

sunshine - but NO heat!

it's a beautiful day -- ONLY looking out the window! it's toasty inside, but bitterly cold outside! it's 9 degrees -- and i KNOW it's colder other places -- but, i'm just NOT a cold weather CHICK!! anything BELOW about 60 degrees starts the ice cubes rolling in my veins! i went out to let BOONE go potty -- and he didn't even dilly dally around -- and my NOSE was burning -- inside and out for the few minutes i was outside! he hustled back inside and curled up on his new cozy bed that cody got him for christmas -- then just looked at me! s'pose he was wanting COVERED-UP?? made AWESOME muffins this morning -- jim's favorite ... fairly healthy, too ... they are really good -- and may very easily become your FAVORITE muffin recipe! they are very moist -- with LOTS of flavor!! here's the recipe -- just in case YOU are in one of those BETTY CROCKER moods!! -- one more thing -- i've substituted all kinds of fruit in these -- use whatever your favorite combos are! i've used raspberries for the strawberries -- cherries for the blueberries -- and you can even use frozen -- but, omit the 2T of sugar to masserate the berries ...

1 cup fresh strawberries, coarsely chopped
1 cup sugar, plus 2 tablespoons
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
1 or 2 ripe bananas mashed
2 large eggs
1/4 cup canola oil
1 teaspoon almond extract
1/2 pint blueberries
1 cup chopped walnuts
Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
In a small bowl, mix together strawberries and 2 tablespoons sugar. Let sit 15 minutes until strawberries give off juices (masserating).
In a small bowl, mix together flour, baking soda, and salt.
In a large bowl, whisk together the mashed banana, almond extract, eggs, oil, 1 cup sugar, and strawberries.
Mix the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients until combined. Do not over mix. Fold in blueberries and walnuts. Scoop batter evenly into muffin cups. Bake until a toothpick inserted in center of muffin comes out with a few crumbs but not wet, about 30 minutes.

well, coffee needs a refill -- and it's time to get rolling this morning -- it's a PAINT day ... yeah! now, what to paint ... snowmen would be appropriate -- but, i think today, i'm going to paint little NUDE cupids ... maybe with a BLUE tint!

lisa =0)

Monday, January 4, 2010

BRRR! it's COLD this morning! yesterday was our oldest son's birthday - brian -- he turned 27! and today is my brother's birthday - ed - he turned 40! too many birthdays -- and all the wrinkles to show, too! our youngest son's birthday is later this month -- *sigh* age is only a number, isn't it??i wish there was a way to start a week without MONDAYS! but, then i'd probably not like TUESDAYS! have so many things to do on mondays -- we live in a very rural, small town, and everything closes so early -- or doesn't open on the weekends ... so, it fills a monday very quickly! gotta go pick up BOONE, my furbaby -- an 81 pound german shepherd -- he's been boarded since the 21st of december -- it was way too cold to take him to iowa -- so, we boarded him in a cozy kennel! he'll be excited to get home! i have presents for him from the kids -- so, i'm sure he might even notice! lol!! trying to get "office" work done -- collecting stuff for taxes -- i do a fairly good job as the year goes along -- but, invariably, i find a stray receipt here or there! but, should be done with all that today -- and on to painting tomorrow!! woo! hoo!
trying to stay focused on my resolutions -- *sigh* i'll have to list them sometime. it will be good reinforcement to see them in print!
have a COZY-cocoa-sipping day!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

happy new year! i've had this blog-spot almost a year -- but, due to lack of time and organization, i just couldn't juggle my traveling, my family, my etsy, my ebay auctions, or my newly opened ebay store -- not to mention my painting or anything around our home or yard or my blog! but, through a new-found determination, i'm going to attempt AGAIN! i plan on adding more things to my blogs -- and announcements about my newest creations or new items for sale! subscribe to my blog -- and follow me!! lisa =0)